Si pudiera vivir nuevamente mi vida,
en la próxima trataría de cometer más errores.
No intentaría ser tan perfecto, me relajaría más.
Sería más tonto de lo que he sido,
de hecho tomaría muy pocas cosas con seriedad.
Sería menos higiénico.
Correría más riesgos,
haría más viajes,
contemplaría más atardeceres,
subiría más montañas, nadaría más ríos.
Iría a más lugares adonde nunca he ido,
comería más helados y menos habas,
tendría más problemas reales y menos imaginarios.

Yo fui una de esas personas que vivió sensata
y prolíficamente cada minuto de su vida;
claro que tuve momentos de alegría.
Pero si pudiera volver atrás trataría
de tener solamente buenos momentos.

Por si no lo saben, de eso está hecha la vida,
sólo de momentos; no te pierdas el ahora.

Yo era uno de esos que nunca
iban a ninguna parte sin un termómetro,
una bolsa de agua caliente,
un paraguas y un paracaídas;
si pudiera volver a vivir, viajaría más liviano.

Si pudiera volver a vivir
comenzaría a andar descalzo a principios
de la primavera
y seguiría descalzo hasta concluir el otoño.
Daría más vueltas en calesita,
contemplaría más amaneceres,
y jugaría con más niños,
si tuviera otra vez vida por delante.

Pero ya ven, tengo 85 años…
y sé que me estoy muriendo.


In less than two hours, I will be leaving León & on my way to Madrid. I started writing a goodbye post, but decided I’d rather leave this poem.

Es necesario aprovechar todas las oportunidades en la vida.

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First off: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day & eat lots 🙂 It’s weird not being home with my family, but fortunately, our program director’s friend is letting us to use her restaurant in order to have a Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey is going to be substituted for chicken (which is fine by me, considering I’m not a big turkey fan), and we’re all bringing other types of foods. Lindsay, Kaitlund, and I made sugar cookies last night and we’re also making stuffing!

This past weekend we had an excursion to Galicia – which was absolutely beautiful! Our first stop was La Coruña and then Santiago de Compostela. It was by far my favorite excursion.

We left for La Coruña around 330pm on Friday, and got there around 8. Esther and Santo’s took us on a little paseo before dinner. We went to Plaza de Maria Pita (who was a heroine during the attack of the Armada Inglesa). Dinner consisted of a three course meal, provided by the hotel – Which I had no problem finishing (haha!). Mine and Kaitlund’s hotel room faced the water, it was such a gorgeous view! I wish I had brought my running shoes, so we could have gone on an early morning run on the beach before we left!

After enjoying a delicious buffet style breakfast, we got on the bus and made our way to Torre de Hercules and climbed up what seemed like a trillion stairs, but it was really only 200 something. Even though my legs wanted to give out once at the top, the view made it all worth it.

Next stop was Santiago de Compostela. So. Gorgeous. It’s fair to say that the cathedral is by far the most beautiful cathedral I have seen in Spain thus far. We had the opportunity to go on the roof, which was scary but amazing! My host family told me that Santiago usually rains quite a bit, but we were lucky and didn’t see a drop of rain! There was an optional portion of our excursion which was attending mass. Marina and Marina had told me that the peregrinos (pilgrims) who take the Camino de Santiago pass through the cathedral, and often times smelt – so they used the botafumeiro (smoke expeller or incense) to get rid of the smell. I thought it would be neat to attend mass in Spain, so I did! It was amazing. I recorded a video of the botafumeiro, but I still can’t upload videos to my computer!

Ayuntamiento en Maria Pita

Good morning! – View from our hotel roomKaitlund & I at Torre Hercules
Torre de Hercules
Elizabeth & I

Circle scarves keep three people warm.

The cathedral at Santiago de CompostelaOn the roof of the cathedral

The organ!

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Ai Se Eu Te Pago

Currently in love with this song. There’s a dance that goes with it – I learned it the other night!


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Young lovin

My four year old sister has a crush on my brother.

Every time I’m on my computer & she comes into my room, she asks “are you talking to your brother? I want to see!” I’m usually not, so I tell her she can see his facebook pictures. The first time she told me she wanted to see, I started going to his facebook & she said “noooo! Nicole! Why aren’t you using the video?” (referring to Skype).

Today, she came into my room while I was writing my Lit paper & asked if she could see him again. I told her he wasn’t online but she can see pictures. Then she said, “I want to see him with the video!” & so I asked, “¿piensas que mi hermano es guapo?” She became all shy and started smiling, and said “siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”


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The countdown begins.

As of today, I only have a month left here in Spain.

I honestly can’t believe how fast time flew by! It seems like just the other day I was at Sea-Tac saying goodbye to my family.  Before I know it, I’ll be on a plane heading back to Seattle.  I’m excited to go home and see everyone, but I’ve come to love Spain, and it’ll be sad to leave.  I have grown so much while being here, met so many amazing people, made some of the most unforgettable memories, and so much more. I’ll definitely return to Spain one day!

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Lindsay also keeps a blog for her Spain adventures. I found this post rather amusing, seeing as most of us UW students can relate to the majority of the post.

Read it if you’d like:

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I love where I live.

I love the view from my flat. It’s so pretty night and day.
Day: Right now the trees in the park are gorgeous! I love waking up every morning and seeing the orange/yellow/green leaves
Night: The cathedral!  The cathedral lights are amazzzzzing!

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Te extraño, Seattle.

Nostalgia has finally hit me.

After dinner today, I made some tea and went to my room to work on a composition for one of my classes tomorrow. I could hear Maria (my host mom) yelling at Marina and I to come into the family room. Españoles En El Mundo was on and it was all about Seattle. Seeing Gasworks, downtown, Alki Beach, Capitol Hill, Lake Washington, etc. made me miss it. Maria kept saying “Seattle is beautiful!” and she’s right.

I forgot just how beautiful the city is.

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El Debate 2011: Rubalcaba y Rajoy

Last night was the debate between Rubalcaba (PSOE) and Rajoy (PP) regarding Spain’s economy/crisis and upcoming elections.  I watched some of it with my family last night over dinner. It was pretty interesting/good practice. It seemed like they were constantly attacking each other more than anything though.

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Lazy Sunday.

Day and night on Ordoño – The sun was setting in the second picture, but it’s not very visible. Yesterday was a nice, relaxing Sunday. Woke up, ran the river, had lunch with my family, worked on homework, and met Devin and Casey for coffee and tapas.

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